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While much less prevalent today, earlier in the decade there was quite a market for hand held personal computing devices. As the internet grew in popularity during the mid to late 1990's, the number of households with a desktop computer increased exponentially. Now, they are becoming almost as commonplace as television sets, and indeed replacing them in some cases. This huge demand resulted in increased competitiveness in the market place, and quickly lead to drastically sleeker, faster, and more efficient desktop and laptop computers. Users demanded the same functionality as a laptop in a form factor that could be easily slipped in and out of one's pocket. Of course, that isn't really feasible, but certainly at that time the technology existed to approximate the basic functionality of a computer in such a package, with compromise. The devices that filled this niche market have come to be most commonly referred to as PDAs, which is an acronym representing the phrase, "personal digital assistant."


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A PDA is not meant to be a standalone platform. Using such a small user interface, whether it be through a small keyboard or even a touchscreen can become very tedious when inputting large amounts of data. Older personal organizers with no personal computer connectivity suffered greatly from this flaw. Modern PDAs rely on synchronization with its user's desktop or laptop, which makes updating important information quick and automated. Calendar application data can be shared for scheduling, for example. For a long time, Palm produced the most popular hardware and software in the PDA market. Today, they hold much less of a share of the same market, although the portable computing device landscape has changed considerably since then, leaving PDAs themselves relatively unpopular compared to so called "netbooks" and other ultra portable laptops.

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When it was popular, it was for good reason. Palm produced a wonderfully streamlined and integrated operating system and program package. Its application library was large, and development base loyal. Their software has been and remains closed source, which many believe is part of the reason development has become somewhat stagnant. Moving towards an open source platform as obsolescence crept in would have helped to swell their following since anyone would have been allowed to see and tinker with the inner workings of the platform.

PRC files are often used by the Palm OS for storing program data, as well as textual information. If you are experiencing errors with .prc files on your Palm device, the files may be damaged. Generally, they cannot be viewed with a text editor. Use the file's name and location to infer its program association (if it's not obvious) and reinstall the corresponding program. The installation file can be found on the CD-ROM that came with your device, or if that is missing on the program's web site.

Another program which uses the .prc file extension is a photo/image editing studio called Picture Gear Pocket. Aside from basic editing tools like cropping, resizing, and color correction, this program also offers more advanced features such as a number of different filter effects and even a slide show function. If you think the .prc file you're dealing with is supposed to be an image, it is likely that this program created it. It is completely free to download, and is not a trial version which is set to expire after a period of time. There are many download locations available. If, when loading a .prc file into the Picture Gear Pocket software, you experience image distortion, missing parts or something similar, it is likely your file is damaged. Attempt to acquire another copy, if possible from another source to minimize the risk of server side damage to the file.

Finally, there are a number of even less commonly used programs which utilize this naming convention; For example, a portable e-book reader for certain mobile platforms, which digitizes books for maximum portability. The name of that software is called MobiPocket and it can be downloaded at no cost, but you won't be able to use it without the correct hardware. The Corel image manipulation and art software producers also have some of their own data files in this extension, but the user of the program generally doesn't need to interact with them.

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